Our Story

     Today we are surrounded with so many products and items with big retailer markups, gigantic advertising budgets, several middlemen, and huge bottom lines. Why is that always the case?

     Why can’t we have luxury, beautiful design, quality craftsmanship, fair prices, AND a meaningful mission? Why should one wear brands that only represent the brand itself? Where is the value in that?

     Why not wear and represent a brand you can truly be proud of? A brand you can wear like a badge of honor with an affiliation that is meaningful. A brand with product designs just as unique as its mission. A brand that not only looks good, it straight up feels good.

     And that’s what we truly set out to do. My father and I started Bolder Watch with a passion to design and innovate beautifully crafted watches along with a desire to make a difference for the less fortunate around the world. We knew that to do both successfully we had to design a watch that would truly illicit the emotions of owning a collector’s item. So we started from scratch. A design we sat down and envisioned ourselves. Built in a sweatshop free work environment and sourced by only the best quality materials, we crafted the first Bolder Watch.

     The best part? For each timepiece sold, every new Bolder Watch owner gets to decide how much of the profit should be allocated towards the Bolder Mission.

A Unique Timepiece. A Bolder Mission. A Better World.

We hope that you can join us on this journey to truly make a difference!

Tariq Ausaf
COO and Founder
Salman Ausaf
CEO and Founder