Our First Sale, Our First Impact

This week was Bolder Watch's soft launch. It's been a crazy 8 months and every part of the way we felt like we were one step closer to accomplishing this crazy dream of building a store that makes a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Today we realized that goal. We sold our first Bolder Watch. Soon, a special customer will receive a beautifully crafted timepiece. At the core of which lies a dependable Swiss movement. Covered by a uniquely designed dial that is guarded by a high-grade stainless steel case and protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. As our customer puts on their new watch, the feel of the soft leather strap around his wrist will culminate his entire experience.

I am convinced his smile and joy will be synonymous with the smile and joy of the children he has impacted by his purchase. Because when our customer selected his Bolder Watch, he got to choose how much of the profit we send to 'Save The Children'.

The wild hours. The crazy goals. The infinite possibilities. All worth it when we create a thousand more experiences like this.

Hey! We have so much more to tell you! Stick with us and we will send you something cool at the end!
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